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This text is only an example of usage of available pin headers on Turris Omnia. We are currently not considering any commercial sale or any other distribution of Turrisduino. All documentation and fabrication outputs can be found at the bottom of this page.

Turrisduino is an expansion board for pin headers (GPIOs) in our router Turris Omnia. It is similar to Arduino-style boards - the board connectors have the same layout as on Arduino boards - so it is possible to connect almost any of the available Arduino shields. For example shields for wireless modules, LCD modules, measuring temperature and so on.


Image 1 - Turrisduino

Turrisduino is connected to the router Turris Omnia via a ribbon cable and so-called “connector board” (See Image 2).

 Connector board

Image 2 - Connector board

Comparison: Arduino vs. Turrisduino

Although Turrisduino has the same connector layout as Arduino, there are a few differences between them, mainly in a number of available pins.

Arduino Uno Turrisduino
UART yes yes
I2C yes yes
SPI yes yes
PWM yes no
Max number of GPIO 20 14
Number of analogue inputs 6 4

Further differences:

  • Arduino can be supplied from USB or an external power supply
  • Turrisduino is supplied from the router Turris Omnia (there is a possibility to use an external power supply for higher-consumption 5V shields)
  • Arduino Uno only works with shields with 5V-logic.
  • Turrisduino can work with both, 5V logic and 3V logic shields.

Fabrication outputs and documentation

You can download the fabrication outputs, schematics and even project files from Altium Designer here turrisduino_documentation.