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Turris MOX pinout

These pinouts are reverse-engineered by the community. Once they are published by CZ.NIC, they should be checked and moved into the official docs.


CN1 (PoE module GPIO header)

Description Signal Pin Pin Signal Description
System Ground GND 1 2 +1V8 GPIO Power Supply
Boot Configuration Option SetBoot.B0 3 4 SetBoot.B1 Boot Configuration Option
System and System Bus Reset nRES 5 6 GND System Ground

CN9 (PoE header of MOX A and PoE module)

This header on MOX A is used for connecting the PoE module.

Description Signal Pin Pin Signal Description
Mode B PoE PoE 4-5 1 2 PoE 7-8 Mode B PoE
Mode A PoE PoE 1-2 3 4 PoE 3-6 Mode A PoE
System Power Supply +12V0 5 6 +12V0 System Power Supply
System Ground GND 7 8 GND System Ground

Ag5300 interface (the PoE daughterboard on the PoE module)

The PoE module outsources the actual 802.3af/at PoE to a daughter board Ag5300. The PoE voltage from all four pairs is rectified, filtered and fed into the daughterboard. The 12V output from Ag5300 is then fed to the MOX A. There is a forward diode preventing backfeeding of the PoE daughterboard when MOX is powered by local power supply.

If you use some non-standard PoE, you can replace (at your own risk!) this module with another in order to make use of say 12V pasisve PoE. In such case only wires are needed between pins 1 and 8 and 2 and 7. Bear in mind that improper powering can damage MOX and/or connected device.

Also due to fact PoE board contains rectifier, it cannot be used in the role of a Power Sourcing Equipment. In such case, CN9 has to be used directly.

Pin Name Description
1 VIN+ Positive PoE voltage
2 VIN- Negative PoE voltage
3 ATDET Not used in MOX
4 IC Not used in MOX
5 IC Not used in MOX
6 IC Not used in MOX
7 -VDC Connected to System Ground
8 +VDC 12V output of the daughterboard
9 ADJ Not used in MOX
10 -VDC Connected to System Ground