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OpenWISP installation on a server

Information about OpenWISP itself and its features is available at the main page.

The following procedure applies to Debian 9.

Installation pre-requisities:

  1. Debian 9 Linux distribution on the server
  2. Python on the server
  3. Ansible (version 2.5+) on your computer
  4. Git on your computer

Installation procedure:

  1. Install the given Ansible role from Ansible Galaxy to your computer: ansible-galaxy install openwisp.openwisp2
  2. Create a working directory (e.g. openwisp2-ansible) and enter into it.
  3. Create an inventory file and add the server into it (into the openwisp2 group).
  4. Create the following playbook and execute it by ansible-playbook:
- hosts: openwisp2
  become: "{{ become | default('yes') }}"
    - openwisp.openwisp2
    openwisp2_default_from_email: "openwisp2@my.domain"

When done it is possible to login via a web browser to the installed system (go to https://server.address/admin). The default user name is admin, the default password admin. The password should be changed immediately; you can create as many user as you need.

After installing OpenWISP to the server, you can install the client part (the agent) to your routers according to the guide.