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This documentation applies only Turris OS 3.x that is no longer present in newly sold routers. The new documentation is located at

RIPE Atlas Software Probe

RIPE Atlas Software probe is the software equivalent of the hardware RIPE Atlas probe.


atlas-sw-probe package contains scripts and daemon for connecting to RIPE Atlas probe network.

To install probe use opkg:

opkg update
opkg install atlas-sw-probe

After that enable and start atlas daemon:

/etc/init.d/atlas enable
/etc/init.d/atlas start

Probe communicates with servers via an SSH tunnel. The SSH key is generated after the first run of atlas probe daemon.

After starting daemon, run command to get generated SSH public key

/etc/init.d/atlas get_key

It takes a few seconds to generate the key. You need to use this key to register your probe under your account on RIPE website if you don't have it, you need to create it.

Probe Registration

Once you are logged to your account on RIPE website, go to this link to Apply for your RIPE Atlas software probe. You can find there form, which you need to fill.

- If you don't know AS number, you need to know your IPv4 or IPv6 address and in search form for in RIPE Database (whois), you fill the IP address and click on the Search button. Copy it and go back. Paste it there and fill the rest. To Public Key copy the key provided by following command (in previous step):

/etc/init.d/atlas get_key

See RIPE Atlas Service Terms and Conditions, if you agree with this, check it and click to button - Submit your application.


Configuration is located in /etc/config/atlas . Bool option rxtxrpt defines if we want to send interface traffic statistics as probe measurement result.

Probe ID and Measurement

In the email account you registered on RIPE, if everything goes well, you should receive an email with Subject Your new RIPE Atlas software probe is created, where you can find your Probe ID and link for managing your probe.

If you lost or delete the e-mail, there is an option on the router to get the Probe ID with the following command:

/etc/init.d/atlas probeid

Measurement of your probe is then accessible via web (where <ID> is your probe ID)<ID>/