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This documentation applies only Turris OS 3.x that is no longer present in newly sold routers. The new documentation is located at

Set up a USB printer on Turris Omnia

To use a printer connected to the Turris router via USB, the p910nd print server must first be installed with updates. This is done in Foris under the Updater tab. First check the print server and then confirm with Save changes.

Then go to the advanced configuration LuCI and under the Services tab, make sure that the p910nd service is enabled and running.

For configuration go to Servicesp910nd-Printserver. First activate the server by ticking enable. If you are not connecting any other printer, leave the default values of Device (/dev/usb/lp0), Interface (unspecified) and Port (9100). Also check whether the bidirectional mode is selected. This enables reporting of the printers status and the printing process. Some printers do not fully support this feature, so you may have problems. Deselecting the two-way mode option is one of the first things you can try to fix.

Click Save & Apply to save.

Configuring the printer

We have prepared a manual on how to add a printer to each operating system in just a few steps:

CUPS Printing System (UNIX, Linux)

  • Enter the address http://localhost:631/admin/ into your browser to configure CUPS Server of your client.
  • Under the Printers tab, click Add printer.
  • Select AppSocket/HP JetDirect.
  • Define the connection to the socket protocol:
  • Name the printer correctly, select the printers manufacturer and model on the following screens.

Windows 7

Setting up your printer in Windows 7 is rather tedious:

StartDevices and printersAdd printerAdd local printerCreate new port and select default TCP/IP port → Host name or IP address = IP address of the Turris router. At this point, the system will try to find the device, which will not work. Select Device Type Custom/User-defined, in Settings, make sure you have Raw selected and Port number 9100 as the Protocol → From your list of manufacturers and models, select your printer and install the appropriate drivers.


System SettingsPrinters and Scanners → Button + → Add Printer or ScannerIP Icon → Enter address of router as address and set HP Jet Direct socket as protocol; followed by the choice of manufacturer and printer type.