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This documentation applies only Turris OS 3.x that is no longer present in newly sold routers. The new documentation is located at

What processes are running on the Turris router?

You will find the running processes in the console with pstree and below is a list and description of the processes that are present in the router after the basic installation. The list applies to Turris OS 3.6.x . With multiple installed user packages, additional processes may be added, the following list thus includes processes that are on the router running after the basic installation.

This list is not a guarantee that these processes will always be present on the router; each update will tell you which packages are added or uninstalled. However, the processes we publish here will be supported in the long term

You can find a process summary on the router from the command line by using the command pstree CAUTION: Additional running processes are added by installing additional packages.

Blue Turris 1.0 and 1.1 (not sold outside Czech republic)

  • Procd - initialization program
  • Askfirst - Asks before starting the process
  • Etc - Running processes at the set time
  • Cron - Periodic execution of tasks
  • DNSmasq - DHCP server for IPv4
  • Odhcpd - DHCP server for IPv6 (works with DNSmasq)
  • Lighttpd - web server
  • Python - most likely the Foris web interface
  • Nuts - netconf interface for UCI setup tool from OpenWRT
  • Nethist - Creating Turris statistics for Spectator and Android
  • Netifd - the Ethernet interface manager, the odhcpc and udhcpc clients are being poured
  • Ntpclient - client for NTP service - time detection
  • Ntpd - NTP daemon for providing time
  • Rainbow - light diode manager (blue Turris, Omnii running hardware),
  • Rpcd - a necessary part for LuCI
  • Sshd - daemon for ssh
  • Syslog - logon daemon
  • Ubusd - Provides communication on the SW bus
  • Ucollect - data collection
  • Ulogd - userspace daemon ulogd for advanced logging of captured packets
  • Unbound - The old Turis DNS server

Turris Omnia

Processes that are also running in Turris Omnia routers.

  • Kresd - DNS Knot
  • Mountd - automatic disk attachment
  • ​​- switch to SFP optical connection
  • Smartd - deamon for SMART disk monitoring - after setting it can send email if there are errors on the disk

What's not running on Turris Omnia:

  • Unbound
  • Rainbow