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This documentation applies only Turris OS 3.x that is no longer present in newly sold routers. The new documentation is located at

Turris Software

Turris OS is based on the Linux distribution OpenWRT, which is developed primarily for routers. The Turris project adds additional software to this operating system to extend its default functionality.

This article describes what software is in Turris OS beyond OpenWRT. This is not a complete list of added packages, but a list of larger projects that Turris OS adds to OpenWRT. You will find a description of the added software, what function the software has in Turris routers, links, source codes and history of releases, including a list of changes.

Software developed for Turris OS

This section describes software, which is developed directly by Turris developers and is not part of OpenWRT.


Foris is a web interface developed specifically for Turris routers. Its purpose is to offer a simple router setting without the advanced knowledge of OpenWRT and Turris OS.

  • If you find any error in Foris, please let us know at GitLab.
  • Additionally, Foris features can create users themselves. For this purpose, we have prepared the Turris plugin for tutorial.


One of the objectives of the Turris project is to increase the security of the routers by using them regular firmware updates. Updates are automated by Updater, since Turris OS 3.7, Updater has been upgraded to a new generation - Updater-ng.


PaKon is an add-on software for monitoring the activities of all devices on the local network. This service records and provides statistics on device access from internal to external networks.


Ucollect is a daemon that collects and sends network traffic records. It must be installed and enabled by the user. You can find out more about Ucollect in the article dedicated to data collection.


Nikola is a tool that analyzes logs from the firewall. It records and sends information about packets captured on the firewall.


Turris routers use the BTRFS file system to record the status of all files at a given time (so-called snapshots). This lets you take all files to the state they were at when the snapshot was created. This enables the user to simply return to a functional configuration or to temporarily return to an earlier version of the system. Schnapps is a tool, which simplifies this process.


The Turris routers feature a set of LEDs that can be controlled by Rainbow.

Significant software not developed within the Turris project

In this section, we describe software that is not developed exclusively by Turris developers, and its use exceeds the scope of the project. Yet for different reasons, it is still a significant part of the functionality of Turris routers.

Knot resolver

Knot resolver is the default DNS resolver for Turris Omnia, which uses caching, forwarding and DNSSEC.


Syslog-ng is a system log management tool.


Set of tools for managing and creating Linux containers. User documentation for LXC within Turris OS can be found in in the article dedicated to LXC. Other officially untested guides made by our users are in the community documentation.


Haas is an SSH honeypot service. It is a fully public service not bound to Turris routers, so that users with devices other than the Turris routers can also use it.


Netmetr is a tool for active connection speed measurement.

Obsolete and gradually replaced software

This software even though it can still be found in the router is already considered obsolete and either gradually replaced or withdrawn without compensation. This group of software is no longer being actively developed and reported errors are given much lower attention. Possible that bugs may never be fixed.


Majordomo is a tool for visualising router traffic. It is currently being replaced by PaKon.


Nuci is a Daemon for accessing UCI configuration over a network using the Netconf protocol.