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Adding SSD to Turris Omnia

There are two solutions how to add a SSD disk to a Turris Omnia board.

  1. Using mSATA SSD
  2. Using SATA SSD with a miniPCI SSD adapter

I tried to use m.2 SSD with an adapter m.2-miniPCI, but the Omnia board didn't recognize it.

mSata SSD

This is the simplest solution. You need just the mSata SSD.

SSD disk Kingston KC600 512GB mSATA

mini PCI module with SATA ports

This solution allows using up to 2 SATA disks.

You need:

  1. Mini PCIe 2xSATA 6 Gb/s
  2. Power cable for the disk
  3. Disks (SSD or HDD)

Delock 95260

Delock 95233

Power Supply Cable

Power Supply Cable for SATA disks can be connected to the Turris Omnia board and it's not a standard one. It consists of five wires.

Power cable pinout on the board

Power cable pinout on the board

Cable discussions in Turris Forum:

Cable images

Power Supply Connector on Turris Omnia board.