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Christmas package

If you want to shine your Turris router like a Christmas tree, you can simply use our christmas package.

To install and enable the Christmas on your router, you will need access to LuCI web interface or command line (e.g. over SSH).

Warning: Christmas package needs programmable RGB LED diodes (and rainbow utility) so it is available for Turris 1.x and Turris Omnia routers only.

Enabling the service

If you have Christmas package installed on your router, you just need to enable and start the christmas service.


In LuCI, go to System/Startup configuration, look for a service called christmas – should be located at the bottom. Then click on Disabled (to enable the service when the router starts) and then also on Start button to start the service immediately.

The configuration should look like this after these changes:

If you can't find christmas service, you should need to install Christmas package first (see Installation section below).


In command line, simply enable and start the service via its *init* script:

/etc/init.d/christmas enable
/etc/init.d/christmas start


Christmas package was introduced in Turris OS 3.11.10 and Turris OS 4.0.2. If you run older Turris OS version, please upgrade your router first.

Note: Turris OS version can be displayed in About tab Foris web interface or via command cat /etc/turris-version.

Christmas package is installed automatically during Christmas time. You would need to install it manually if you want to have it available permanently or at some other time.


In LuCI, go to System/Software configuration and search for christmas keyword among installed packages:

If the package is not present, you can install it in Available packages tab by clicking Install button next to it:


Simply run the following command to check whether the package is installed:

opkg list-installed christmas

If so, you should see output similar to:

christmas - 0.3-3.6-1.2

If there is no output of this command, you can install the package manually.

opkg update
opkg install christmas


You can tune your Christmas tree in form of changing the blink speed and configuring a set of colors.

To change this configuration, you have to edit a UCI configuration file on the device and so you need a CLI access.

Open the configuration file /etc/config/christmas with your favorite text editor (that is vim) and you can change following values there:

Parameter name Type Value type Description
enable_probability option float Probability of turning on a LED diode
sleep_max option float Each blink will be performed in that maximum number of seconds (lower this value if you want to speed up the blinking)
colors list string List of colors for rainbow utility: RGB code or name of predefined color (see rainbow –help for details)

Example configuration with default values looks like:

config christmas "christmas"
	option enable_probability '0.7'
	option sleep_max '3'
	list colors '00FF00'
	list colors '0000AA'
	list colors 'FF6600'
	list colors 'FF0000'

You can use uci command line tool to update these setting as well. Please use christmas config file and christmas section everytime:

uci set
uci set
uci add_list
uci add_list
uci add_list
uci add_list
uci commit

Do not forget to restart the service after you change the settings:

/etc/init.d/christmas restart