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Instructions for authors

When writing articles, please respect these rules:

  • Use the imperative: “do xy”, “plug in this and that” not “you should do xy”, “you can” etc.
  • Write all articles in the namespace public.
  • Always write filenames in English, so:
     [[instructions|Instructions for the authors]] 
  • Please write Shortcuts and Services starting with capitals (mind exceptions), command and etc. in the monospace regime. So “web interface LuCI”, “SSH service”, “access through SSH”, but use “use command ssh”.
  • Names of pages and tabs should be in italics. That means for the tab “Network”, the correct version is: tab Network. For buttons and form names use monospace.
  • Make information and warning and similar boxes squared. After inserting through the button Wrap plug-in simply delete the word round from the definition.
  • Uploading screen shots: Upload all files through the media manager. Click through the branches of the tree on the left side all the way to the namespace :public. To create a subsidiary namespace write its name in front of the file name. For example, if you want to upload the file screen1.png to :public:ssh:screen1.png (in the case that the ssh doesn’t exist yet) click yourself all the way through to the :public and when uploading the file set its name to ssh:screen1.png. If you have a picture with a different captions in two different languages(cs,en) name them like screen1_cs.png and screen1_en.png. If you have the same picture for both languages just use one picture and refer to it.
  • For inserting examples of files, use Downloadable code blocks
  • If you know that the method you're describing in your articte doesn’t work for some other version of Turris router, label it directly under the header

Works only on Turris Omnia


Works only on Turris 1.x

Other useful information: