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Supported LTE miniPCIe cards

There are some proven cards, that can be used in mpcie socket of Turris Omnia and some that some users use for LTE.

There used to be Turris Omnia LTE KIT which contained everything needed for using LTE.

Nowdays the cards from this kit is obsolete and was surpassed by Quectel EP-06

This page lists cards, that were tested, used or configured by Turris team, or by users.

For LTE upgrade you need:

  • LTE modem
  • Pigtails
  • Antennas
  • Cooling block (specially for Omnia)
    • It is aluminium cube with base 25x30mm and height of 18mm, with conductiong tape on one base and 2 mm cooling foam on top.

There is also manual for installing the Kit into Omnia - Installation of LTE modem into Turris Omnia router

Be always aware of region the router is used - i.e. EMEA, AMER or APAC. Always use LTE module that is supported in your region and also by your ISP.

Some cards are designed to be used in USB mpcie dongle, therefore the card is using dome mpcie pins as USB3.0 interface (pins 23, 25, 31, 33 - PERn0, PERp0, PETn0, PETp0) which should be taped.

Always check Turris forum and OpenWrt forum for additional info.

Quectel EP06

  • LTE Cat. 6 card
  • Recommended by most of Turris users
  • It is nowdays most reliable and compatible card

Quectel EC20/EC25

  • LTE Cat. 4 card
  • Was surpassed by EP06
  • This were original cards from LTE kits for Turris Omnia

Sierra Wireless MC7455

  • LTE Cat. 6 card
  • This card is designed to use USB3.0 directly from PCIe bus, which means it uses 4 pins to communicate.

Sierra EM7565

  • LTE Cat. 12 card
  • This card is card for M.2 slot, therofore for usage with Omnia/MOX reduction is needed

Drivers and extensions

Some of the cards may need additional drivers:

  • Drivers: kmod-usb-serial-qualcomm
  • Additional drivers:
    opkg update & opkg install uqmi
  • Drivers: luci-proto-qmi