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Nextcloud/Android tasks synchronization

It's possible to use Android tasks application and store these tasks on Nextcloud server. You can manage tasks in Nextcloud web interface and in Android application. To configure it you need install three applications:

  1. Tasks on Nextcloud
  2. OpenTasks on Android
  3. CalDav-Sync on Android

For installation and more details use links below. Install all of them.

Tasks on Nextcloud

OpenTasks on Android

CalDAV-Sync application

For the synchronization we need an application. You can use CalDAV-Sync from the Google Play Store.


  • create a list in Tasks application (in the Nextcloud web interface)

In the OpenTasks application now you can see list created in Nextcloud web interface.

You will see tasks from Nextcloud server here. Tasks will be synchronized via CalDAV-sync. Newly added list will be also synchronized.