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OpenWISP - central management of routers

OpenWISP is a system for central management of OpenWrt routers, including Turris routers. Its central part operates on a server where routers with the „agents“ connect to.

What OpenWISP can do?

  • geographic information management - localities (addresses, rendering in the map), floor plans (including device positions)
  • organizations, groups, users, relations between these objects
  • management of device, configuration templates, VPN servers
  • management of certification authorities and certificates

Device management

  • descriptive information management (mode, CPU, notes)
  • template-based configuration
  • direct configuration management


  • Divided to sections (e.g. General, Interfaces, Radio…) roughly equivalent to the files in /etc/config on the router.
  • Predefined values; it's possible to add custom ones.
  • It allows to preview the resulting configuration files.
  • The advanced mode with configuration defined in JSON.
  • Drawback: On errors, there is no detailed information about the reasons.


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