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Basic Information

Czech company from Brno called EMKO Case now sells the original NAS and Hacker chassis. You can find these chassis on link Accessories for Turris Omnia. You can order it by filling the query form on the product page.

Basic characteristics

  • Basic color for NAS box is black
  • Hacker chassis is commonly made in black, blue or silver color
  • Custom mods like colors are possible but the price will be higher

NAS box


EMKO ships this box without any cables or SATA controller. Product link

  • Basic price is 36,30 € incl. VAT
  • Price for box with custom color is 70 € incl. VAT

Hacker chassis

This chassis is available in black, blue and silver color. Product link

  • Basic price of this chassis is 7,26 € incl. VAT
  • In the query form you must describe the color what you want to order!!!

Paying and shipping

Here is the part which is for you non-Czech customers very individual. There are no standard fees for all countries/distances arround the World. So you must fill the query form and some sales man from EMKO will tell you the rates for you. They are very kind so there will be no trouble from their side. The price of shipping will be circa the same like the shipping of Turris Omnia.

EMKO contact

EMKO Case a.s; Řípská 11f; Brno - Slatina, 627 00